Sajha Sanskriti Manch

Sajha Sanskriti Manch organized an important meeting with the Greenpeace, on 13 June 2016 at VJC office, Varuna Pul. Greenpeace is already working for the betterment of environment across the world. It was suggested by all that a common program be decided soon and all the organization should come forward to form an allaince in the city level.

Sunil Dahiya; Greenpeace

Sunil Dahiya, Clean Air campaigner was himself present in the meeting. He performed a power point presentation during the meeting, which was very informative in context of the status air pollution across India.

Meeting was also attended by Ms Sakshi Bhalla from Help Delhi Breathe campaign and Bhagwan Keshbhatt from Greanpeace. The meeting saw a good gathering of Sajha Sankriti Manch allies including Vallabhacharya Pandey, Father Anand, Neetu Singh, Ekta Shekhar, Dr Lenin, Dr Anand Prakash Tiwary, Father Dayakar, Jagriti Rahi, Dhananjay Tripathy, Sunil Yadav, Ram Janam, S P Rai, Ravi Shekhar, Nandlal Master, Ramji Yadav, Ajay Patel, Vinay Singh, Dr Arif, etc.

Ms Sakshi Bhalla; Help Delhi Breathe Campaign

Whistle Blower Trust also announced that the Care 4 Air campaign run by it is going to start a 5 days Postcard campaign with following three demands;

Ravi Shekhar; Care4Air Campaign

  1. Introduce CNG in Varanasi, for all public transportation.
  2. Introduce more and more public transport system in the city and
  3. Install more NAAQM stations in the city.


Members of the trust informed and invited all the partners of sajha sanskriti manch in this campaign which is scheduled to run from 16th to 21st June, 2016 from various regions in the city. Postcards shall be addressed to the Prime Minister, they informed.

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Campaign Manager, Care4Air Campaign

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